Engine Cleaner – Low Pressure

Low Pressure is a strong medium alkaline degreaser (ph 9 – 10). It contains both solvents and detergents. It cleans most rubber, porcelain, concrete, carpets, engines and machinery. Since it does not contain any Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) it can be used on most surfaces including carpets. Can be used as hand application, spray gun, steam cleaner, high pressure cleaner. Long shelve life. Colour: Reddish brown.

Engines: Spray with water using high pressure cleaner. Use Low Pressure mix and spray on areas that need cleaning. leave for a few minutes. Use high pressure cleaner to rinse.

Carpets: Dry vacuum carpets. Soak Low Pressure dilution on fabric. Scrub with brush. Rinse with water and vacuum.

Dilution:..Heavy duty (oil, grease etc.) – 1 to 4/10
Medium duty (bathroom, kitchen) – 1 to 40
Light duty (windows, floors) – 1 to 100
Carpets/Upholstery – 1 to 50

Quality Guarantee: If this product does not live up to our promise, please return it for a full refund.

First Aid: Eyes: Wash with excess water. Digestion: Drink milk and seek medical assistance.

Code: 5L - LPD/1    l    20L - LPD/2

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